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hyperwolf5150's Journal

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If you want to know about Blackie, here ya go:

6'2 male black wolf
210 lbs. (Finally filled out my big frame)
No distinctive markings (just a distinctive personality)

I'm 23. I play guitar and bass. I'm hyper as can be, enough to be medically ADHD. I'm a furry and proud of it. I write and roleplay whenever I can. I'm known as a brusing soccer player. I love to create art from equations called fractals. It's the only art I can do.

I do have a fursuit now, and love fursuiting to death. ^__^ It's one of the true joys in my life, and I got to experience the first time in my own suit at AC08. It's a dream come true.

I am a straight fur, and am single. But I do love the hugs and attention. ^___^ And I do not judge anyone unless there is an extremely good reason. So don't be afraid to say hi at a con or give me a hug. Just don't be an unwashed fanboy type...ugh...

If you have AIM or Yahoo, don't be afraid to say hi. Heh, I don't bite and I love talking to fellow furs. Just forgive the moments where my brain stops functioning from time to time.

There we go, Blackie out.

Owner and maintainer of weather_furs

70's, 80's, all-west tennessee choir, baseball, basketball, deyna, dimebag darrell, eruption, fast necks, fractals, furries, fursuiting, fursuits, german and russian language, good choral pieces, guitar, handel, ibanez guitars, kirk hammet, life, lightning fast speed picking, metal, metallica, mfm, my vocal range, naturism, nudism, pantera, rock, singing, snow, soccer, solos, soul society, storm chasing, storms, thunderstorms, tornado chasing, tornadoes, van halen, writing